What is Classical Ballet?

Classical ballet originated in France in the seventeenth century at the court of Louis the Fourteenth. The special thing about classical ballet is that the technique that was recorded then still forms the basis. All over the world people use the same exercises during ballet class.

Why Classical Ballet?

The classical ballet technique contributes to good posture and condition. At Lucia Marthas Institute for Performing Arts, Ballet forms the basis of all other dance styles.

Ballet lessons for young and old!

We give our ballet lessons as 1-hour lessons to adults on Monday and Tuesday evenings. For the youth we have chosen to only offer Classical Ballet within the Marthas Dans Plus Class.

Marthas In More Klas

At Lucia Marthas Institute for Performing Arts we also offer the Marthas Plus Class package lessons in addition to the 1-hour lessons. One of the three package lessons is the Marthas Dans Plus Class. With this package you have weekly 2 lesson hours (Group 3 and 4) or 3 lesson hours (primary school Group 5 to Secondary Education Class 6) consecutive lessons in the subjects PTMD, Ballet and DAZ.

The Plus Classes are suitable for children and young people who want to dance more intensively and/or for children and young people who may consider a transfer to the Preparatory Course. (Note: You will only be accepted for our Preparatory Courses after passing an audition positively.)

When are these classes?

For primary school students, the Marthas Dans Plus Classes are all on Wednesday afternoons. For secondary school students, these classes are all on Saturday mornings.

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