What is HipHop dance?

Since the arrival of HipHop, young people have embraced the dance style en masse, but what exactly is HipHop dancing?

HipHop is a very popular dance style right now for both boys and girls. Thanks to YouTube and TV programs such as Dance Dance Dance, Holland’s Got Talent, AVRO Junior Dance, etc., the enthusiasm for this dance style has increased enormously in recent years.

What makes HipHop so special and popular is that there are no standard rules or techniques. Everyone can create their own version of HipHop dance. The dance style also continues to develop and is the basis for the sub-styles: popping, locking, waving, housing, breakdancing, wacking, krumping, bonebreaking and new style.

HipHop dance class on the latest tracks and with the latest choreos

In our HipHop classes we use the latest trends from the urban dance world! You will also hear the latest hits and coolest tracks for the choreos with us!

HipHop classes for young and old

At Lucia Marthas Institute for Performing Arts we give HipHop dance lessons for all levels and for all ages (groups 5 to adults). Check the schedule to see when there is class for you!

Marthas HipHop Plus Klas

In addition to the 1-hour lessons, we also offer the “Marthas HipHop Plus Class” package lesson for HipHop. If you opt for this, you will receive 2 consecutive HipHople lessons every week in which HipHop techniques, choreographies and freestyling are discussed in more detail. The Marthas HipHop Plus Class is on Friday from 17.15-19.15 for groups 6, 7 and 8 and from 17.30-19.30 for Secondary Education classes 1, 2 and 3.

View the schedule and register

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