Covering tuition, tuition, travel expenses, purchasing dance shoes and dance clothes are just a few examples of what additional costs might be required to develop your talent at the best possible level at Lucia Marthas Institute for Performing Arts. Whether you opt for the recreation lessons, the preliminary training, the MBO or the HBO. In addition, matters such as internationalization projects and study trips for senior secondary vocational and higher professional education are also a permanent part of the programme. Together, this ensures that pupils and students are prepared to enter the field of work and to develop their careers.

As nice as the above sounds, it is not obvious. Not everyone can afford this.

Any talent can excel if the resources are sufficient and the environment is motivating

The regular funding of education sometimes offers too little space to enable excellence. Fortunately, there are then plenty of options to apply for support. All information about this can be found on the sites of the various funds that offer this. Click on the different logos below to view all the options.